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Caretaker's room

The Standards for boarding houses states:

Standards for boarding houses wrote:

30   Standards for boarding houses
(1)  A consent authority must not consent to development to which this Division applies unless it is satisfied of each of the following:
(b)  no boarding room will have a gross floor area (excluding any area used for the purposes of private kitchen or bathroom facilities) of more than 25 square metres,
(e)  if the boarding house has capacity to accommodate 20 or more lodgers, a boarding room or on site dwelling will be provided for a boarding house manager

This DA is it designed to house maximum of 16 boarders including one caretaker.  The caretakers room has an floor area of at least 50 square metres.  This room does not comply as a boarding room,  it must be considered should be an 'on site dwelling'. Can an 'on site dwelling' be built into a building, described as a 8 room boarding house?

If this whole second floor, caretakers room is  considers an 'on site dwelling' separate from the boarding house there is a problem.
Since a boarding house with under 20 lodgers does not need a caretaker, there is nothing stopping  the withdrawal of this room use for a caretaker, then this room would not longer comply as part of a boarding house.


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