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#1 2019-03-27 23:21:17

From: 47 Amy
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My main points for objections

These are my main points to object to this development.  The first few should be applicable to all people in the neighbourhood.
Some for those behind or beside the development, and some are just apply to my as a direct neighbour.

1) Height of the development going to 9+ meters while nothing on the street is close to this.

2) The lack of supplied parking.

3) Caretakers room. It larger than maximum boarding house rule, and nothing can stop it from not be used as a caretakers residents.

4) Privacy.  The first and second level overlooks our back yard and all residency to the rear. 

5) Solar access limited to our house.

6) Pruning of 80 year old Jacaranda tree in our rear yard.

7) Dishonesty and/or errors in the application

I'll expand on the points in the next few posts.


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#2 2019-03-28 21:23:19

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Re: My main points for objections

Thanks Mark. We will expand in those points, as discussed at the meeting on Sunday.



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